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Welcome to Bloodlust, a culinary haven and wine bar in Valle De Guadalupe, Mexico. Born from the vibrant vision of three friends: Juliette Cheanne, Poncho Muriedas, and Yuri Muriedas and designed by the talented illustrator Jaime Zuverza, the iconic ambiance of Bloodlust draws inspiration from the essence of wine—a collective symphony of drops coalescing into a unique, rounded space. As a passionate photographer, I found myself captivated by the architecture, culinary artistry, lively energy, and impeccable service at Bloodlust. The photos effortlessly unfolded, each frame encapsulating the soulful blend of flavors, artistic design, and the convivial spirit that defines this gastronomic gem.

The outside of the building and yard at Bloodlust
The entrance to Bloodlust with visitors walking through
A booth inside Bloodlust with a window showcasing a view of the mountains
A closeup of  tortillas and ceviche
A dj booth and sound system- retro and very beautiful
A wooden mushroom shaped piece of art


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