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Immerse yourself in the extraordinary at Deckman's, where our dining and shooting experience was nothing short of incredible. Here, the essence of slow, sustainable dining unfolds against the picturesque backdrop of Mogor Ranch. Renowned chef Drew Deckman, alongside co-owner Paulina Deckman, orchestrates a culinary haven dedicated to Slow Food, seasonal produce, and sustainability.

Nestled within Mogor Ranch's organic orchard, this haven provides a symphony of flavors sourced directly from the estate — wine, vegetables, herbs, meat, olive oil, and eggs — crafting an unparalleled farm-to-table masterpiece. The seafood is a tribute to the Baja California Peninsula, salt from San Felipe, and cheeses from neighbors in Guadalupe Valley and Ojos Negros.

The culinary artistry extends to the outdoor kitchen, featuring a centerpiece grill that transforms cooking into an enchanting experience. Most tables are thoughtfully placed outdoors, revealing panoramic vineyard views.


Excitement builds as we anticipate Chef Drew Deckman's upcoming venture, Watershed, making its debut in San Diego's North Park on University Avenue. Join us on a journey where culinary excellence meets sustainability, and every dish is a masterpiece in its own right.

Deckman's outdoor kitchen during sunset
A closeup of an Abalone dish with foam and edible flowers
A woman gazes into the sunset in front of a vineyard
An expansive Mexican vineyard landscape
Chefs prepare meals at night in the outdoor kitchen of Deckmans
A ribeye steak sliced and garnished with edible flowers and cherry tomatoes


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