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Discover Zona Tropical Homestay, an idyllic eco-conscious retreat nestled within the vibrant community of Carenero, Bocas del Toro. Captured through the lens of our lenses, this paradise offers travelers an authentic island experience.

As photographers who have roamed these shores, we can attest to the allure of Zona Tropical. With over 17 years of living in the local community, the owners' commitment to surf culture and community shines through. The eco-conscious ethos is palpable, with a dedication to supporting local artisans and farmers evident in every detail.

Our stay at Zona Tropical was nothing short of magical. From the moment we arrived, we were enveloped in the warmth of island hospitality and the laid-back charm of Bocas del Toro. Surfing enthusiasts will find themselves in paradise, with complimentary surf board rentals, SUPs, kayaks, and snorkel gear at their disposal. The experienced surf guides offer personalized lessons and tours, ensuring every moment on the waves is unforgettable.

Beyond the surf, Zona Tropical offers a tranquil haven for relaxation and connection. Whether lounging in one of the private rooms or gathering in the communal spaces, guests are treated to home-cooked dinners made with love and care. The sense of community runs deep, with the owners' local knowledge enhancing every aspect of the experience.

Our time at Zona Tropical Homestay was a true escape to paradise. We left feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and grateful for the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the beauty of Carenero Island. For travelers seeking an authentic island getaway, Zona Tropical Homestay is the perfect destination to unwind, connect, and create lasting memories.

A beautiful hotel nestled in the rainforest of Bocas Del Toro Panama
A group of surfers in front of the hotel ready to  go surfing
Morning coffee on the balcony in paradise
A group of friends walk along tropical beach
A dog sits out on a dock above the ocean
Two delicious mojitos ready to be consumed


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